Introducing: Education for Social Innovation and Social Impact!

by bethanyaldenrivers

The University of Northampton has a significant profile as a leader for social innovation and social impact. In 2013, the University was recognised by AshokaU as a ‘Changemaker Campus’—a designation that reflects the University’s commitment to catalysing positive social change.

As we seek ways to embody Changemaker values as an institution, it is vital that we consider how to embed social innovation and social impact into the curriculum. Ultimately, it is our mission to develop students as agents of positive social change, and we have a tremendous opportunity to support that development through our learning and teaching activities.

Being named a Changemaker Campus has been a source of pride, as well as a source of continued momentum, for the past year. I lead a project to embed Education for Social Innovation and Social Impact across the disciplines (called EmbedCM), which has four objectives:

1. Nurture a shared discourse
2. Develop mechanisms for sharing good practice
3. Create innovative tools and resources to support learning and teaching
4. Develop a sustainable model of education for social innovation and social impact.

Here is our 2013/2014 Case Study publication with examples of how we are embedding principles of Social Innovation and Social Impact across the disciplines.

Changemaker in the Curriculum Case Studies_2013_2014

Please see this website for video case studies, more information about this project and our summary research findings!