Open Educational Resources (OERs) available on

by bethanyaldenrivers

In my excitement to carry out research projects that are designed to innovate pedagogy and enhance the student experience, I feel compelled to also try my hand at creating a few educational resources of my own.

The resources available on this website could be useful for facilitating powerful learning experiences. Some of the resources may be helpful in helping educators reflect on their own pedagogies in order to develop a more innovative vision. Please explore and help yourself. I would like to hear from you–with your comments, ideas and feedback from learners.

The resources on this site are at various stages of development. Some are brand new, others are in the process of being critically reviewed by academic colleagues, while some resources have been ‘around’ awhile.

I’ve licensed these resources as CC-BY, SA, NC…so please use them! (Just please don’t adapt them or use them for commercial gain.